The Centre for Climate Change and Gender Studies (CCCGS) is an evidence-based research and policy advocacy center that focuses on the issues relating to the nexuses between climate change and public health, energy, water, food, and other natural resources, and other social issues within the broad concepts of gender and intersectionality. The working background knowledge with which the Centre operates is that, though issues of sustainable development, gender, poverty, and social inclusion anteceded climate change as issues of international concern, climate change is seen as a phenomenon that both increases the challenge and provides an opportunity to address them. In every society, there are already existing gender issues. Gender and climate change can be a vicious cycle of worsening inequalities and impacts if not well addressed. Thus, addressing climate change issues provides an opportunity to increase gender mainstreaming while dealing with the most conspicuous issues that relate to sustainable development. As a research-based institution within the University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR), the Centre is supported by the pillars of academic freedom, sustainable development, creativity and innovation where people have the ability to develop creative and innovative ideas and concepts, as well as cutting-edge research which advances the frontiers of knowledge and promotes national sustainable development.