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About Us

The University Council approved the establishment of the School of Graduate Studies at its first meeting. The UniversityAct 830 subsections 2(1) f, g, h, and i requires that UENR undertakes research in areas within its mandate of providing sound higher education and research skills, disseminating research results through publications in journals, books and other outlets, and providing extension and consultancy services to impact positively on the society. The School consequently began operation in 2014.
The global market for energy is growing dramatically and high usage of energy within the mandate areas due to either direct or spill-over effects from university research could mitigate global climate change effects. To access funding from some key funding agencies and donors, the existence of a functional Graduate School is crucial.

Consequently, programmes offered by the School will cater for the yearning and aspirations of prospective students from the catchments spanning the Brong-Ahafo, Ashanti, Northern and other regions of the country as well as absorb other technicians in the field who will from time to time want to upgrade their academic and professional qualifications. The proximity of the university to industries and major towns creates a genuine need for graduate courses in Energy and Natural Resources.

The Graduate School places emphasis on interdisciplinary teaching and research, incorporates sufficient flexibility for its students to have diverse course options, allows for internationalisation and intercultural learning are consistent with our diverse natural resources and mandate of UENR. With several schools in the applied sciences, UENR, by its location, shall make higher post-graduate education readily accessible to a large body of personnel that must have further qualification in view of the elevation of several institutions in the mandate area to tertiary status.


Currently, the School has a population of Thirty Six (36) Students, Five (5) females and Thirty One (31) Males for 2015/2016 Academic year.Out of Thirty Six Students, Twenty One (21) are MSc Students and the fifteen (15) PhD students.