Conference Objectives

The conference seeks to:

  • create a platform for knowledge sharing which would lead to informed decision making in climate sensitive areas such as natural resources, agriculture, food and water security, energy, science and technology, and transport;
  • assemble researchers, professionals, policymakers and development practitioners, civil society organisations and other stakeholders to deliberate on contemporary climate change and sustainable development issues that contribute towards appropriate responses, including providing support for mitigation, adaptation and technological innovations, among others;
  • create an enabling podium to advance a common African climate change adaptation system; and
  • strengthen research, teaching and capacity-building in a multi-disciplinary approach towards climate change adaptation in Africa.

Under the theme of Climate Change and Sustainable Development: Strengthening Africa’s Adaptive Capacity several subthemes will be addressed in the plenary and parallel sessions as well as the round table discussions. These subthemes are:

Environment, Technology and Sustainable Development

  • Environmental Health, Sanitation and Climate Change Adaptation
  • Science, Technology, and Geographic Information Systems
  • Climate Change and the Challenge for Local Communities
  • Built Environment, Transportation, Urbanization and Climate Change Adaptation
  • Climate Change, Sustainable Innovation, and Partnerships

Renewable Energy, Resilient and Green Economies

  • Water Resources, Water Security and Climate
  • Climate Change, Gender Intersectionality, Social, and Economic Issues
  • Finance, Green Economy and Poverty Alleviation
  • Clean Energy, Energy Policy, and Sustainability
  • Institutions, Governance and Climate Change Adaptation

Agriculture, Aquaculture, and Natural Resources

  • Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Security in the Context of Climate Change
  • Green Revolution and Climate Smart Agriculture
  • Forest, Good Governance in Forestry and Climate Change
  • Natural Resources and Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation