Fourth Issue (JENRM Vol 2, 2015)

Fourth Issue (JENRM Vol 2, 2015)

1. P.  Opoku

Economic Impacts of land-use Conflicts on Livelihoods. A case study of Pastoralists-farmer Conflicts in the Agogo Traditional Area of Ghana

Volume 2-1 pp 1-7

2. A. Berchie, P. Failler, B. Yolaine

The performance of tuna processing fishery sector to sustainable fish trade and food security in Ghana
Volume 2-1 pp 8-14

3. F. K. E. Nunoo, Berchie Asiedu, Jessica Olaus

Achieving sustainable fisheries management: A critical look at traditional fisheries management in the marine artisanal fisheries of Ghana, West Africa
Volume 2-1 pp 15-23

4. J. S. N. Naah

Evaluating impacts of distributed solar home systems in rural communities: Lessons learnt from Ghana Energy Development and Access Project in the Upper West Region of Ghana.
Volume 2-1 pp 24-29

5. M. Addaney, R. A. Oppong

Critical Issues of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Ghana
Volume 2-1 pp 30-36