Second Issue (JENRM Vol 1, 2014)

Second Issue (JENRM Vol 1, 2014)

1. K.B. Keelson

Development of an Open Access Water and Environment Data Repository in Ghana

Volume 1-2 pp 69-74

2. A. S. Amppiah, K.O. Fening, J. Ofosu-Anim, D. Obeng-Ofori, P. K. Ntaanu

The Status of Sericulture in Ghana

Volume 1-2 pp 75-79

3. M. Ansong, E. Røskaft

Local communities’ willingness to pay for sustainable forest management in Ghana

Volume 1-2 pp 80-87

4. E.   Awuah,   S.F. Gyasi, W. Nettey, F. Attiogbe, H. J. Lubberding, Huub J. Gijzen

Atmospheric air pollution associated with macrophyte and algal-based wastewater stabilization ponds in Kumasi, Ghana.

Volume 1-2 pp 88-92

5. S. Abugre, M. M. Apetorgbor, I.K. Abebrese, A. K. Apetorgbor, P. Amoako

The effect of Triplochiton scleroxylon aqueous extract on initial growth of some vegetable crops

Volume 1-2 pp 93-97

6. D. E. K. A Siaw, N Owusu-Prempeh, A. Asare, C. Duodu, S.A. Akoto

Performance of terminalia superba and triplochiton scleroxylon seedlings under different forest canopy gaps

Volume 1-2 pp 98-105

7. K. A. Gyimah

Solar photovoltaic installation cost reduction through building integrated photovoltaics in Ghana.

Volume 1-2 pp 106-111

8. M. Derkyi, B. Kyereh

Scale-Specific but Inter-Linked Strategies for Managing Forest Resource Conflicts in Ghana:

Forest Professionals’ Views

Volume 1-2 pp 112-119

9. N.S.A. Derkyi, D. Sekyere, N.A. Darkwa

Effect of Extraction Solvent on Tannin-Formaldehyde Adhesives for Plywood Production

Volume 1-2 pp 120-126


E.C. Emordi, M. O. Omon

Gas flaring and environmental issues in the Niger delta, 1956-2007

Volume 1-2 pp 127-131