Third Issue (JENRM Vol 1, 2014)

1. Peter Narh
Relationship between stewards and stockholders in environmental governance.
Volume 1-3 pp 133-139

2. D. Obeng-Ofori
Sustainable management of pests of okra and cucumber in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana with neem bio-pesticides for food safety and environmental protection.
Volume 1-3 pp 140-147

3. D. E. K. A, Siaw, E. F, Asamoah, G.A Baidoe
Assessing the stocking and socio-economic uses of borassus aethiopum in Abrimasu forest reserve of Mampong forest district. Volume 1-3 pp 148-155

4. Nasirudeen Abdul Fatawu, Andrew Allan
Managing the impacts of mining on Ghana’s water resources from a legal perspective.
Volume 1-3 pp 156-165

5. Olusegun S.D., Okwu M. O., Oreko U. O., Amosun S. T.
Optimisation of Alkaline Ethanolysis of Biodiesel Yield from Nigerian Coconut Oil using One Variable at a Time (OVAT) Approach. Volume 1-3 pp 166-169

6. Patrick Opoku
Exploring the Causes and Management of Pastoralists-Farmer Conflicts in Ghana.
Volume 1-3 pp 170-175

7. E. Tettey, W.A. Jonfia-Essien and D. Obeng-Ofori
The impact of insect infestation on stored purple cocoa beans.
Volume 1-3 pp 176-181