Owusu Nyarko-Boateng

Owusu Nyarko-Boateng


Mr Owusu Nyarko-Boateng is currently enrolled in a PhD. Computer Science program at the University of Energy and Natural Resources, Sunyani. He holds a Research MSC in Information Technology, PGDE, BSc. Science in Computer Science, HND Electrical & Electronics Engineering and EC-Council Certified Security Specialist.

Owusu Nyarko-Boateng is currently working as a lecturer at the Department of Computer Science and Informatics in the School Science, University of Energy and Natural Resources since 2018. Before he joined the University, Owusu Nyarko-Boateng worked with the telecommunications giants in Ghana such as MTN-Gh and Huawei Technologies. He has over 10 years’ in-depth technical experience in the telecommunications industry with a good understanding of GSM technology. He has carried out installations, implementations, commissioning and rollout of major microwave and fibre optics transmission network and BTS projects which includes Microwave (Aviat, Huawei) &Transmission maintenance, Huawei Optix OSN 3500, 6800, 8800 DWDM series, Optical solutions, etc. Owusu has over the years gained an in-depth Knowledge in SDH & PDH, MPLS, Fiber Optics transmissions and terminations, Fiber Cable Management & Installation, Fiber cable Handling and Cleaving, Cable Assembly Testing, Loss measurement with optical power meter & visual fault locator, OTDR Operations, Fiber cable Splicing (Fusion, Mechanical, and Pigtail) and cellular Network Service quality management.

Faults management on 2G BTS 3900, NodeB (3G) and eNodeB (LTE – 4G) systems. Using site-master to analyze VSWR to ascertain the distance to fault and frequency wave graph. Preparation and Installation of Feeder cables, CPRI cables, IF cables and sector antennae. Complete installation of 2G, 3G and 4G BTS (Huawei DBS3900, BTS3900, BTS3012AE and BTS3012). PDH, SDH, IPoE1 configurations, transmission optimization techniques, commissioning and routing on DAC155oM STM-1 aggregated system


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  1. Department of Computer Science and Informatics

The University of Energy and Natural Resources, Sunyani.  2017-date


  1. Department of Computer Science

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi.  2013-2015


  • Faculty of Education

Catholic University College of Ghana, Fiapre.  2015-2016


  1. Ghana Institute of Management and Public administration

Center for IT Professional Development.  2013


  1. Faculty of Information Communication, Science and Technology

Catholic University College of Ghana, Fiapre.  2009-2012


  1. Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Accra Technical University (formerly Accra Polytechnic), Accra.  1997-2000

Positions Held

  1. Brong and Ahafo Regional Coordinator of CyberGhana.
  2. Brong and Ahafo Regional Chairman, IIPGH
  • The attachment coordinator for computer science and informatics department
  1. The coordinator for Computer Science Laboratory Project

Research Interest

  1. Internet of Things, Smart Systems and Cognitive Science
  2. Fibre Optics Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  1. Data Communications, Cyber and Network Security

Research Project

Investigating the quality of signal transmission in cellular & fibre optics networks using Artificial Neural Network and Neuro-Fuzzy System.