Dr. Berchie Asiedu

Email: berchie.asiedu@uenr.edu.gh

Qualification: MSc. (Ghent), Ph.D. (Ghana)

Research interests: fisheries, aquaculture, fisheries management, fish and crustacean biodiversity, aquaculture development & policy, aquaculture marketing, socio-economics, value chain analysis, post-harvest in fisheries, poverty analysis and climate change


Refereed Journal & Books

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National & International Technical Reports

Asiedu, B., Nunoo, F. K. E., and Ofori-Danson, P. K. (2014). Declining fish stocks in the Gulf of Guinea: socioeconomic impacts. In: Advances in Marine and Fisheries Sciences and their Developmental Roles in the Gulf of Guinea (Editors: Ofori-Danson, P.K., Nyarko, E., Appeaning Addo, K., Atsu, D., Botwe, O.B, and Asamoah, K.E). University of Ghana Departmental Reader by Discipline Initiative. 20 pp.

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Asiedu, B., Failler, P. and Beyens, Y. (2014). Value chain analysis of the fishery sector in Ghana with focus on quality, environmental, social, sustainable, food safety, organic requirements and its compliance in infrastructure. United Nations Industrial Development Organization Trade Capacity Building for Ghana Project No: US/GHA/06/005. 108 pp.