Mark your official entry into the UENR family

Matriculation, University of Energy and Natural Resources - Sunyani

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During the matriculation ceremony, new students at a university make a formal commitment by taking the matriculation oath.

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Matriculation, University of Energy and Natural Resources - Sunyani

Why You Should Attend Matriculation Ceremony

This ceremony marks

your official entry into the UENR family.

The matriculation ceremony

symbolizes the start of your exciting academic adventure at UENR.

Matriculation signifies

your official status as a UENR student

The ceremony is a great opportunity

to build relationships with the people who will be a part of your academic journey

This ceremony is a unique

event that marks the beginning of a transformative chapter in your life.

What you should know about Matriculation

Any person enrolling in the University for undergraduate or postgraduate studies shall be matriculated

A student admitted to the University shall take the Matriculation Oath and sign the Matriculation register

A student who falls to sign the matriculation Register may be prevented by the University from graduating

How to Join

Get ready to embark on your academic journey with us and be part of the UENR community from the very beginning!

Friday, March 22, 2024


The Matriculation Oath

A matriculation oath is a formal pledge taken by fresh students at a university during the matriculation ceremony. It's a public declaration of your commitment to the core values and principles of the university. While not a legal contract, the oath holds weight as a formal pledge. It demonstrates your willingness to be a responsible and engaged member of the university community.