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Dear Final Year Student,
We send you greetings from the Academic and Students’ Affairs Division. 
It is time for all Prospective National Service Persons to be enrolled by the University for the 2020/2021 Service Year. 
We are by this announcement asking all Final Year Students who wish to undertake Mandatory National Service for the 2020/2021 Service Year to fill this online form. 
Photo Requirements

Upload passport sized photograph with standard dimensions on a white background only

Those who flout this instruction will have their names expunged from the final list. 

Course Registration
Only students who have registered courses for the First Semester of the 2020/2021 Academic Year will be included in the final enrollment list. 
The Deadline is the close of day Thursday, February 23, 2021.
The following categories of students SHOULD NOT fill the online form. 
1. Final Year Students who do not intend to undertake National Service for the 2020/2021 Service Year
2. Diploma Students who wish to continue immediately after attaining their diplomas. 
3. Final Year students (Top-Up) who have already undertaken National Service
4. Non-Ghanaians. 
Thank you. 


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