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As part of the on-going project to redesign the REE program, the ERASMUS project team began a four(4) training sessions for the staff and selected students of UENR on Tuesday, January 12 at Tyco City Hotel. The training session is aimed at providing the requisite skills needed by lecturers to kick start the project for the first-year students within the current academic year. The first day of the training session was geared towards introducing the whole ERASMUS+ project to the participants which done by Dr. Samuel Gyamfi who is part of the LTF(Local Task Force) team and the project coordinator as well. The second part of the training session was the introduction of the SCL Approach in course delivery and was presented by Dr. Francis Attiogbe and Dr. Ofosu Antwi. There was a session for discussion which really brought so many innovative ideas from both parties which would be implemented to make the project a successful one.

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