2014 Publications

Staff Author(s) Publications (Journals/Proceedings/Books/Consultancy Reports/Theses)
 Gyasi S.F Gyasi S.F., Awuah E & D.K. Sampson Arsenic and other heavy metals in 2 Buruli Ulcer Endemic communities of the Ashanti Akim North District. (Journal of Energy and Natural Resources) Submitted for Publication (2014).
Gyasi, S. F., 2014 Unpublished Doctoral Thesis on “The Perception of Behavioral Risk Factors and the Possible Role of Arsenic to the development of Buruli Ulcer in Ghana” Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology, Ghana
 Dr. Mercy Derkyi Mercy Derkyi , Mirjam A. F. Ros-Tonen , Boateng Kyereh & Ton Dietz, 2014  Fighting Over Forest: Toward a Shared Analysis of Livelihood Conflicts and Conflict Management in Ghana, Society & Natural Resources: An International Journal, DOI:10.1080/08941920.2013.861550 To link to this article: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/08941920.2013.861550
 Ofosu E. A. Gyasi S. F., Awuah Esi, Ofosu E. A., Kotei D. & Mohamed A. K. 2014 Environmental Sanitation Attitudes in Buruli Ulcer endemic communities and its potential impact on MU infections in the Asanti Akim North District, Ghana. Journal of Environmental Science. ISSN, 1819-3412 2013.
Ofosu E. A., van Beusekom, H. M., van Steenbergen, F. And Haile, A. M., 2014 Status and potential of Flood Based Irrigation in the White Volta Sub Basin. Overview Paper Spate Irrigation Network, (submitted). 2014. http://spate-irrigation.org/resource-documents/overview-papers/
Ofosu, E. A., van der Zaag P., van de Giesen N., Odai S. N., Sakah, M., Success Factors for Sustainable Irrigation Development in sub-Saharan Africa. African Journal of Agricultural Research, (submitted for publication) 2014
Ofosu, E. A., van der Zaag P., van de Giesen N., Odai S. N., Amanor, R., Upscaling of Irrigation development in the White Volta sub-basin. Journal of Energy and Natural Resource Management, (submitted for publication). 2014
Ofosu, E. A., van der Zaag P., van de Giesen N., Odai S. N., Sakah, M., Impact of upscaling irrigation development in the White Volta sub-basin on hydropwoer generation at Akosombo Dam. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, (submitted for publication). 2014.
 B. A. Weyori B. A. Weyori, K. O. Boateng Effect of Noise and Distortions on the RGB Component of Real World Color Images, IEEE Computer Graphics and Application, USA [Accepted, 2014]