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  1. For a student to obtain credit in any course, he or she must be admitted into a programme and be properly registered for that course during the official registration period at the beginning of each semester.
  2. The student shall plan his/ her course combinations in consultation with his/her academic advisor(s) and/Head of Department.
  3. A fine shall be imposed on any student who registers during the ‘late registration with fine’ period as shall be approved by the appropriate authority.
  4. A student who fails to register in a semester without any prior permission will be considered to have abandoned the programme.
  5. In the event of 4. the Registrar shall write to withdraw the student for abandoning his/her programme.
  6. A student who duly registers for a course but fails to take the end-of-Semester examination for that course shall be deemed to have absented himself/herself from the examination of that particular course, for which grade ‘F’ shall be awarded unless it is proven that occurred due to ill-health.
  7. A student on Grace Period shall register for examinations 4 weeks before the commencement of examinations.
  8. A student shall register his/her courses through the UENR Students Information System (USIS Portal) with login credentials from the UENR ITD.