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About Us

The Academic and Students’ Affairs Division (ASAD) is one of the divisions under the Registrar’s Office. The overall objective of the ASAD is to ensure that prospective and current students receive prompt assistance in terms of academic and students’ affairs services. The Division has two (2) sections and one (1) department, namely, Admissions Section , Students’ Records and Information System Section, and Examinations Department. The Admissions Section coordinates all admission processes in the University. The Students’ Records and Information System Section serves as the students’ services help desk where staff perform functions such as the issuance of certificates, transcripts, introductory/attestation letters and the certification of documents for students. The Examinations Department coordinates examinations and examination related matters.

What we do


  1. Prepares admission adverts for all programmes in the University
    ii. Receives and processes all applications for admission
    iii. Issuance of offer letters to selected applicants
    iv. Provides admission advisory services to prospective applicants on academic programmes, entry requirements and application procedure


  1. Processing and Issuance of certificates, transcripts, introductory letters and confirmation of English Language proficiency.
    ii. Undertakes the verification of all entry certificates
    iii. Assists students in securing accommodation facilities
    iv. Issuance of confirmation letters external bodies about the authenticity of certificates presented by our graduates


  1. Facilitates the registration of courses by all students at the beginning of every semester.
    ii. Publishes the register of all registered students for a semester


Organises orientation programmes for freshmen at the beginning of every academic year.


  1. Facilitates planning of matriculation programmes for freshmen at the beginning of every academic year.
    ii. Prepares the list of freshmen for matriculation


  1. Facilitates planning of congregation programmes
    ii. Collates the list of graduands for congregation


  1. Provides student advisory services to students and prospective applicants regarding programmes, fees and flexible fee payment options.
    ii. Makes follow ups with students and parents regarding academic performance and remedial measures.


  1. Prepares and reviews the Students Handbook on the rules and regulations guiding student behavior in the University.
    ii. Initiates proposals for improving student wellbeing in the University.


  1. Collates all basic statistics on admissions and enrollment
    ii. Disseminates basic statistics on students to user departments
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