Upcoming Programs

Eco-Drones Application for Integrated Resources Management

 The University of Energy and Natural Resources, Sunyani, invites applications for its Professional Training Programme on Eco-Drones dubbed “ECO-DRONES APPLICATION FOR INTEGRATED RESOURCES MANAGEMENT”. The Need for Eco-drones Application Training With rapidly changing ecosystems through natural and anthropogenic causes and disaster dynamics, as well as the elusive presence of environmentalRead More

Flood and Drought Modelling with Earth Observation

Space technology has made significant contribution towards preparedness, prevention and relief stages of flood and disaster management. Earth Observation satellites provide comprehensive and multi temporal coverage of large areas in real time and at frequent intervals. This provides valuable information for the continuous atmospheric monitoring of surface fluxes related toRead More

Water Leadership Training Programme

Addressing issues in water are core part of solving nature’s most difficult challenges – poverty alleviation and climate change impacts. The Water Leadership Programme organized jointly with the Department of Water Resources- the Gambia is aimed at broadening the skills, knowledge and experience of existing employees in the Water SectorRead More