Over the last decade, Africa has seen a rising demand for power due to rapid economic growth, population growth and urbanization. Hydropower remains a vital source for the expanding power industry. In Africa, a large potential exists for hydropower expansion to meet the ever growing demand; regardless of the existing challenges of climate variability.

The conference seeks to address the impact of climate change on hydropower energy generation in West Africa. It seeks also to promote and disseminate information on some of the challenges and prospects of hydropower energy in West Africa.

The conference is jointly organized by the University of Ibadan-Nigeria and the University of Energy and Natural Resources-Ghana to provide the necessary platform to achieve the goals of the project. Experts and key stakeholders in the use and development of hydropower energy in West Africa are expected to participate.


The main objective is to create a platform for experts, stakeholders and decision makers in energy use and development to dialogue, share and learn new techniques at solving key problems encountered by Hydropower Plants across West Africa.

Conference Themes

Articles are invited on these and related themes. Additional topics may be suggested for presentations.

  • Hydropower development & management
  • Water Resources and Hydrology
  • Flood and Drought Assesment & Mitigation
  • Environmental and Fluvial Hydraulics
  • Application of Geospatial Technologies
  • Advances in Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Hydraulic Structures
  • Integrated Watershed Management
  • Reservoir Operation, Sedimentation and Irrigation Management
  • Groundwater Modelling and Management
  • Hydrological modelling and forecasting
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Water Quality Assessment and Modelling
  • Water and Waste Water Management
  • Climate Change and Hydropower
  • Society and Hydropower Development
  • Energy Sector Investments & Management