About Us

The Journal of Energy and Natural Resource Management (JENRM) is a multidisciplinary educational research platform dedicated to bringing scientists the best research and key information in the fields of engineering, natural resources, sciences, geosciences, agriculture, mathematics, energy, advances in computers and technology. JENRM adopts fast-track but highly rigorous peer-review to evaluate manuscripts for scientific, engineering or technical novelty and relevance.

Vision and Mission

JENRM visions to be one of the world’s leading platforms for publishing high quality peer-reviewed articles. The mission of JENRM shall be to publish original research papers, special issues, case reports, research notes, short communications and review papers, commentaries and technical peer reviewed articles from multi-disciplinary background in energy, engineering, natural resources, sciences, geosciences, agriculture, mathematics, advances in computers and technology. The publishing of JENRM articles shall be based on Open Source Publishing standards to deliver and communicate individual and collective advancement in the exchange of scientific and policy insights. The journal is published quarterly, however, accepted papers will be immediately published online.

Aims and Objectives

JENRM is an Open Source scholarly refereed research journal which aims to promote theory and practice in energy, engineering, sciences and environmental resource management and governance. The journal seeks to provide an important forum for academic exchanges among national and international academia in promoting research outputs dissemination from multi-disciplinary backgrounds such as natural resources, engineering, technology and sciences, towards sustainable development of the resources and the wellbeing of society.


The JENRM covers broad aspects of the application and developments in the fields of:

  • Engineering,
  • Natural Resources,
  • Sciences,
  • Geosciences,
  • Agriculture,
  • Applied Mathematics,
  • Energy, and
  • Advances in Computers and Technology.

Innovative and creative articles that address any of these areas will be given priority attention especially in areas where indigenous knowledge has been harnessed with modern technology towards sustainable development. Also, JENRM will welcome articles that address current issues on climate change and its impacts on related fields as mentioned above.