PETEX Donates £1 Million Petroleum Engineering software to UENR

Petroleum Experts (PETEX), a leading petroleum engineering Software Company based in Edinburgh, Scotland has donated the Integrated Production Modeling (IPM) software suite to the University of Energy and Natural Resources.

The software which has a commercial value of £ 1,399,965.85 for 10 user licenses of   will be used by Petroleum Engineering students in their coursework and research work,

Field Development projects while many of them will use the software in their thesis.

The software, commonly called the IPM suite, is widely used in the oil and gas industry to model various operations in the area of physics, geology, engineering and fluid thermodynamics to full production system, from reservoir, oil and gas wells, to surface pipeline systems and process. These models can be used to optimize production for existing oil and gas fields and assist with the system design of new fields.

Dr. Francis Attiogbe, Head of Department of Energy and Environmental Engineering described the software as a tool that will not only enhance the learning experience, of the students but fully equipped them with the necessary skills and experience in using the software.

According to Dr Attiogbe, graduates from the Petroleum Engineering programme in UENR will therefore be ready for their careers in the Ghana’s burgeoning oil and gas sector. “The practical training in IPM suite will give students advantages in their future careers because the software is widely used in the oil and gas industry.”Dr Attiogbe added.

Mr Y. A. Boakye-Ansah, a Petroleum Engineering Lecturer, who spearheaded and facilitated the donation of software said the donation by the company was aclear indication that the company has confidence in the petroleum engineering programme in UENR

The lecturer opined that the amount of money involved and the commitment from the company to donate the software to the University showed a huge level of trust and confidence in the University and its programmes and was optimistic that the software will greatly help to improve teaching and learning in the Department.

The IPM suite comprise:

PVTP: Predicts the effect of process conditions on the composition of hydrocarbon mixtures – fluid characterization.

MBAL: Is an analytical reservoir tool commonly used for modeling the fluid dynamic reservoir effects – material balance.

REVEAL: Designed to study specialized reservoir effects and assess their impact on the injection, production and enhanced oil recovery from the reservoir – capturing the thermal, rock mechanics and chemistry.

PROSPER: Design and optimization program for modeling most types of oil and gas well configurations.

GAP: Multiphase oil and gas optimizer that models the surface gathering pipeline network of field production systems. GAP integrates dynamically the reservoir model (MBAL) and well models (PROSPER).

RESOLVE: Is the field engineering development tool that manages and control the IPM suite, Reservoir Simulators, Process Simulators to dynamically model, optimize and provide production forecasts of field operating scenarios. RESOLVE enables coupling of most major industry reservoir, process and economics simulation model to better evaluate and operate oil and gas fields.

This suite of software is excellent as standalone software but can also be used with other software to complement analysis and overall performance.

For more information on the activities of Petroleum Experts, follow this link.