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November 1, 2023

Department of Chemical Sciences Hosts Prof. Mehran Mostafavi   to Deliver Lecture on The Contribution of Radiation Chemistry to Health and Energy

The University Public Lectures Committee in collaboration with the Department of Chemical Sciences received Professor Mehran Mostafavi (PRCEX, Exceptional rank) of the University of Paris Saclay as a Guest Lecturer on the topic “The Contribution of Radiation Chemistry to Health and Energy.” In his welcome address, the Registrar, Solomon Panford, Esq. APR expressed excitement about […]

Nov, 2023
UENR-RELAB Partners Two Other Danida Projects to Promote Uptake of Research Findings on Climate Change Impacts on African Lakes

In a bid to promote the uptake of research findings by relevant stakeholders, the Building Resilience of Lake Bosomtwe to Climate Change (RELAB) Project of UENR has partnered with two  projects; VOLTRES (climate effects on lake Volta aquatic resources) and CLEAT (projections of climate effects on lake Tanganyika) under the funding of the Ministry of […]

Nov, 2023

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