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With several Faculty Members contributing significantly to the research output, the University has made significant strides in the academic world, by attaining 1000 publications papers indexed in the renowned academic abstract and citation database, Scopus. With the aim of achieving a prestigious spot in the Times Higher Education University Rankings, UENR has been diligently working towards reaching thousand papers in Scopus.

Leading the charge in this academic endeavour is the Acting Pro Vice-Chancellor, Prof. John K. M. Kuwornu, who has taken the academic community by storm with an astounding 88 papers, published in the Scopus index journals. His extensive research contributions cut across social science, agriculture, economics, econometrics, and business disciplines in the database, showcasing his expertise and dedication to advancing knowledge. Closely following Professor Kuwornu is Prof. Daniel Obeng-Ofori, a former Pro Vice-Chancellor of the University with 65 papers in Scopus.

The academic prowess of UENR’s faculty doesn’t stop there. Prof. Amos T. Kabo-bah, Dean of the International Relations Office, 59 published papers, Professors Eric Ofosu Antwi and Samuel Gyamfi, Director, Regional Centre for Energy and Environmental Sustainability (RCEES) and, Dean, School of Energy, correspondingly emerged with 54 and 51 published papers respectfully.

Prof Richard Kwasi Bannor, the Vice Dean of Student with 49 papers in the database, where as Dr. Benjamin Asubam Weyori, Dr. Paul L. Kwakwa Adjei, and Dr. Michael Addaney have also made substantial contributions, publishing 45, 36, and 35 papers, respectively. Their commitment in advancing knowledge is commendable and has undoubtedly contributed to UENR’s growing reputation within the academic arena. Additionally, Professor Adekoya Felix Adebayo enriched the university’s research portfolio with 35 documents.

From January 01 to August 01, 2023, several distinguished scholars have showcased their dedication to knowledge generation and dissemination.  Prof. Richard Kwasi Bannor, the Vice Dean of Students and Dr. Paul Adjei Kwakwa at the School of Arts and Social Sciences emerged with the most documents in the database, each contributing 12 publications to Scopus-indexed journals during this period. The two lead in the Economics, Econometrics and Finance, Business, Social Science and Agriculture subject areas in the Scopus database. Prof. Samuel Gyamfi’s 11 published documents reflect his ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of understanding in his field. Dr. Peter Appiahene and Prof. Amos T. Kabo-Bah, with 9 publications each, contribute significantly to the university’s research landscape.

The impressive publications output continues with Dr. Emmanuel Timmy Donkor and Dr. Bismark Amfo, each adding 7 published papers. Mr. Ebenezer Kwadwo Siabi, Prof. John K.M. Kuwornu, and Prof. Eric Ofosu Antwi have contributed 6 documents each, further enriching the university’s scholarly tapestry.

It’s anticipated that Faculty members and all staff would continue to work harder in pushing the University’s vision to become a world-class academic institution recognized globally.