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An Information Technology Student from UENR Develops a Mobile Application ‘CampuzConnect’ to Foster Collaborative Learning

A level 300 week-end student in Information Technology at UENR, Mr. Patrick Nkansa-Kyerematen, has developed a learning application platform named ‘CampuzConnect.’ The platform, available on both web and mobile applications on, aims to enhance effective interactive learning among tertiary students.

CampuzConnect” is equipped varied features build to promote collaborative learning. Students can successfully engage in social interactions, participate in group discussions and forums, communicate through instant messaging and video calling, access e-learning platforms, and explore job and scholarship search portals.

An Information Technology Student from UENR Develops a Mobile Application ‘CampuzConnect’ to Foster Collaborative Learning, University of Energy and Natural Resources - Sunyani

Delving into how the App functions, Mr. Nkansa-Kyerematen, who is also a Web Designer at the University Relations Office, explained that “CampuzConnect” functions similarly to other popular social media platforms, specifically tailored to cater for the needs of students. It also provides lecturers with a platform to share slides and other course materials with students. The App allows students to create study and class groups, enabling them to have discussions with their peers. “A student on the platform can join colleagues from other universities for collaborative learning and share ideas” Mr. Nkansa-Kyerematen elaborated.

Additionally, “CampuzConnect” features a dedicated section for webinars, allowing resource persons to address students on various academic topics and special issues. Initially targeting tertiary institutions worldwide, he has, however, chosen to focus on universities in Ghana to closely monitor its impact and effectiveness after which it could be launched globally.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind this novelty, Mr. Nkansa-Kyerematen revealed that the idea emerged from a personal challenge he encountered as a student at the University and needed to find a fellow student for support.  “That experience led me to conceive the idea where students studying the same course could converge on a common platform to learn and share ideas,” he emphasized.

 He affirmed that it took three months in developing the application which was officially launched in April 2023. Since its launch, new features have been added on to enhance its functionality and relevance.  Mr. Nkansa-Kyerematen encourages tertiary students across Ghana to hook onto the platform for effective collaborative learning.

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