The Department of Languages and General Studies was established by an Act of the University Council in 2014 to deliver courses in African and liberal studies and  improve  English language communication skills. It also has a primary responsibility of teaching French language at all levels throughout the University so that all graduates will have at least a working knowledge in the language. Besides, the university-wide responsibility, the Department also runs a BA degree programme in   Professional French.


Programme Units of the Department

  1. Science, Technology and Society (STS)

The courses under this section introduce students to the interfaces of science, technology and engineering and society and for that matter how the skills acquired can be translated into solving social problems. Among other things students learn team work, project management, research and presentation skills.

  1. English

The Academic Writing and Communication Skills courses are meant to improve students’ written and oral use of the English language. They are therefore equipped with key writing skills, especially those of academic writing, oral communication and presentation.

  1. Ghanaian and African Studies

 Ghanaian and African Studies expose students to their African heritage and value systems. Among the topical issues considered are tribalism, gender inequality, cultural and traditional practices, with emphasis on the outdated ones. The awareness garnered from the studies deepen students’ appreciation of African value systems and the need to preserve the positive ones for posterity.

  1. French Language

Since Ghana is geographically surrounded by French-speaking countries, it is inevitable that Ghanaians would learn French and acquire sufficient capacity in it to facilitate daily interactions as well as conduct businesses. Unfortunately, the French language has not received the necessary attention and push in the country so the vast majority of Ghanaians have no linguistic skills in it.   As its contribution to solving this problem, UENR at its inception envisioned French as a compulsory course for all its students.

In this respect, the Department of Languages and General Studies of UENR started offering French for general communication to all the three Schools of UENR namely, Engineering, Sciences and Natural Resources, from October, 2013, and to the School of Agricultural Technology in Dormaa from August 2014 and now practically integrated into every programme of the University.

In order to achieve this, lecturers work hard to make the teaching and learning of French as realistic and achievable through flexible academic and linguistic approaches. To supplement contact hours, lecturers use other learning platforms such as the UENR’s French Club activities of poetry, music rendition, dance and drama, and tutorials.  Above all, they teach and offer opportunity of writing an examination for a Diploma in Professional French accredited by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris, France, not only to UENR students, but also to other students and workers from far and near.

Programme Objective

  1. To provide sustainable functional French to all UENR students in conjunction with the University’s vision to produce bilingual technologists
  2. To set up a unique B. A. Professional French programme that prepares its students for the professional world of science, engineering, technology and business.


  • UENR is now an accredited Centre of la Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris, Île-de-France
  • Lecturers have started teaching and conducting FLE (French for general communication) as well as Diploma in Professional French Examinations to the public. UENR and Ghana is the second country in Africa, after Morocco, to be given accreditation to conduct Diploma in Professional French Studies with CCIP de Paris.
  • In addition to the Diploma in Professional French programme, the Unit offers the TEF/TEFAQ programme, which enables students to migrate and work in Canada.
  • UENR’s French Public Teaching programme, which aims at bringing French to people’s doorstep has been running at the Greena FM French Radio teaching service since  mid-February 2016.
  • An academic exchange programme between UENR and Ecole nationale des Ingénieurs de Metz (ENIM), which started in August 2017, allows fresh engineering  graduates of UENR to  pursue further training with French companies.
  • 2015 was the first time UENR took part in the Francophonie celebrations and at the end of 120 hours of French studies, two of our students in Level 300 (cheered by the VC) won the 3rd and 4th positions of the Frankotonik competitions held among Ghanaian universities.

Staff Profile