Legal Office

About Us

The University Legal Office is responsible for the provision of all legal services to the University community, directed to ensuring the University meets its strategic objectives.  The Legal Office provides assurance that the manner in which University of Energy and Natural Resources proposes to act is legally defensible, within the scope of the University’s powers, and that all legal risks are appropriately identified and managed to the University’s benefit.

The University Legal Office provides its services to University through the Management, Administrative and Academic units.  It does not provide personal legal services to members of staff or students.

The Legal Office Division is a small and enthusiastic duo with an administrative assistant that provides advice and support to the University community for matters relating to University business, activities and obligations.  It is our practice to provide professional, reliable and effective legal advice to advance the mission and strategic priorities of the University while mitigating legal risks and overseeing compliance.

Core Activities
  1. Contract management support by reviewing, drafting and negotiating agreements and other legal documents in accordance with the Contract Management Policy;
  2. Compliance support by overseeing legal, contractual and regulatory compliance and identifying emerging legal issues;
  3. Dispute resolution by reviewing matters, negotiating settlements, and providing tools and strategies for the effective resolution of disputes and complaints;
  4. Litigation support by advising and overseeing all legal demands, claims and suits, selecting and managing external solicitors, and representing the University at tribunal and court proceedings;
  5. Research support by assisting with the protection, licensing and commercialization of intellectual property, and supporting academic freedom and publication rights;
  6. Legal risk management by identifying legal risks and recommending mitigation strategies that will protect the University against liability and losses; and
  7. Labour and employment support to Human Resources and Academic Affairs by providing advice on employment matters, contracts and grievances.

What we do


The University community in all legal matters, as well as retain and oversee external solicitor on behalf of the University.


Review agreements on behalf of the University.


The development and consultation process of University Policies and Procedures.


The University’s compliance with applicable legislation, e.g. UENR Act, The university statutes, etc.