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The newly appointed Senior Members(non-teaching) of the University of Energy and Natural Resources has attended an orientation programme organised by the Human Resources Division to enlighten them about the University Management, as well as the duties and responsibilities of their recently assumed rank.

The Acting Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Adebayo Felix Adekoya in his welcome address congratulated the participants and advised them to learn on the job and quickly adjust to their latest position.

The Senior Assistant Registrar of the Human Resources Division, Mr Alfred Appiah in his presentation explained to the participants how the Internal and External Stakeholders of Higher Education decision making body correlate to ensure efficient functioning of Universities in Ghana. He said as senior members, it is important to know the highest decision-making body of the University such as the University Council and how it operates. Mr Appiah further noted that for effective corporate governance, there is the need to show respect at all levels and ensure fairness, accountability, responsibility and transparency when confronted with issues. He urged the participants to study the system and familiarize themselves with the University statute and other relevant policies to help them discharge their duties professionally.

The Deputy Director of Finance, Mr Paul Nana Nketiah took the participants through the financial procedures and regulations in the University. He mentioned that the University relies on government subventions and students’ fees as its main sources of income and expenditure made up of staff compensation, salaries contract and casual staff among others are paid from Internally Generated Funds (IGF) among others. The Deputy Director added that it is necessary to ensure that income earned and received are spent under tight budgeting and budgetary control to achieve proper financial management as a government institution.

Mr Nketiah stated that funds are given to the various departments as imprest are supposed to be accounted for at the end of the financial year. He admonished the participants that as custodians of petty cash, they should judiciously use funds released to them and spend it on the allocated purpose to avoid being default according to the Public Financial Management Law.

Other presentations were made on the topics: Current Trend in Higher Education Administration; Improving on Your Loyalty for Effective Stakeholders’ Relationship; Developing the Right Attitude for Excellence; Procurement Procedures and Regulations; and Knowing Your Career Path within the University System.