General Administration Division

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The General Administration Division falls under the Registrar’s Office and provides day-to-day administrative support to the Registrar’s Office. The Division is primarily responsible for the coordination of the University’s Security Services, providing Municipal and General Services as well as the management of University vehicles. The Division also provides secretariat services to committees such as Welfare Services Board, Standing and Finance Committees, Budgetary Committee and other sub-committees under the Welfare Services board.

Core Activities
  1. Provide strategic planning concerning municipal and other general services within the University.
  2. Disseminate and implement decisions of the Welfare Services Board. 
  3. Provide policy options on welfare-related matters for consideration. 
  4. Coordinate the University Security Services, Estate, and Municipal services.
  5. Maintain equipment register in the Registrar’s Offices.
  6. Oversee the provision of logistics in the Registrar’s Offices.
  7. Regulate the activities of vehicles on campus.
  8. Liaise with the Works and Physical Development Directorate, and Estate Organisation to maintain physical facilities and environmental cleanliness of the University Campus.
  9. Implement Audit Reports.

The transport unit of the General Administration Division oversees the management of Vehicles in the University as well as regulates the activities of the vehicles on and off-campus.


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