Human Resources Division

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The Human Resources Division under the Registrar’s Offices has the mandate of Recruiting, Training and Developing Staff Capacity and Employer-Employee Relationship. The Office plays a major role by ensuring that quality and loyal personnel are recruited and given the required training for personal and institutional development. The Office also acts as an intermediary between staff and Management with regards to grievances in appointments, upgrading and promotions as well as welfare matters.

Core Activities
  1. Provide strategic planning in human resource management for the University.
  2. Administer Conditions of Service.
  3. Coordinate the development and implementation of human resource policies of the University.
  4. Provide policy options on human-resource-related issues through the Registrar for the consideration of appropriate committees.
  5. Forecast and facilitate staff recruitment and establishment.
  6. Liaise with GUSS in the administration of pensions.
  7. Keep and update staff records.
  8. Validate certificates and other educational/professional qualifications submitted by applicants seeking appointments.
  9. Ensure the timely renewal and termination of employment contracts.
  10. Monitor and evaluate staff performance.
  11. Facilitate the processes for staff appointments and promotions.
  12. Institute a system for continuing education and in-service training for all employees of the University and perform any other duties that may be assigned by the Registrar.

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