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We are delighted to welcome you to the School of Geosciences, UENR. We are one of two schools forming the Dormaa Campus of the University. We are a vibrant school dedicated to the provision of specialized training in geosciences and allied academic disciplines in order to help address pressing environmental and developmental challenges. Teaching, Learning and Research are executed in line with the University’s mission: “to promote the development of human resources and skills required to solve critical energy and natural resources challenges of society and undertake interdisciplinary academic, research, and outreach programmes in engineering, science, economics and environmental policy”. Geosciences refer to any one of the sciences that deals with the earth. It includes geology, geophysics, hydrology, oceanography, atmospheric science, planetary science and meteorology. Allied academic disciplines include climate change, spatial planning, sustainability science, sustainable development and environmental studies. The School of Geosciences recognizes such diverse and overlapping disciplines and therefore focuses on the following themes which are of direct and immediate interest to current national development goals: Planning, Sustainability, Climate Change and Sustainable Development.


Equip geoscientists and allied professionals with the state of the art tools to excel in professional practice and to contribute to national development.


Generally, geoscientists pursue ways of exploration and discovery in order to:

  • Understand global climate patterns and their effects.
  • Analyze spatial planning challenges and explore solutions within a sustainable frame work.
  • Apply state of the art methods and equipment to understand geographical data acquisition processing and interpretation.
  • Develop natural resources in sustainable ways that safeguard the environment.
  • Facilitate the exploration and study of natural resources, such as petroleum, metals, mineral resources and groundwater.
  • Influence policy through cutting edge research and dialogue with relevant stakeholders.



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