Ama Ntiwaa Antwi-Boasiako Panford

Staff ID: PS 735

Staff Category:


Senior Administrative Assistant

Central Administration:

Natural Resources

Centre for Climate Change and Gender Studies (3CGS)

Ama Ntiwaa is a Senior Administrative Assistant at the Centre for Climate Change and Gender Studies (3CGS) under the School of Natural Resources. She holds an MSC degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from KNUST and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography and Rural Development also from KNUST.
Ama is a strong-willed and hardworking young lady with a passion for success. She is self-motivated and has a zeal to achieve results irrespective of obstacles that may come her way. One of her greatest wish is to always to impart and impact other people’s lives. She efficiently and effectively uses resources at her disposal to achieve results. She is a great team player because she believes in teamwork as a product of success. She is a great leader and exhibits it anywhere she finds herself. Ama admires and appreciates art, she also loves acting (stage play and film), which she does on a part time basis, she simply loves doing anything creative. She believes that everything is possible and can be achieved all you need is the 3 Ds – “Desire, Determination and Discipline”.