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Boahen Atta Oppong



Central Administration




Agriculture and Technology


Agricultural and Resource Economics


Boahen Atta Oppong a Lecturer at Department of Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness, and Extension, University of Energy and Natural Resources Sunyani-Ghana. I have Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture (Agricultural Economics) 2005-2009, Master of Philosophy in Agriculture Economics 2010-2012 and Doctor of Philosophy Applied Agricultural Economics and Policy, all from University of Ghana 2014-2018. My research experiences are survey design and data collection, data analysis with statistical techniques such as STATA, and report writing. I have published articles on insurance, efficiency and poverty in reputable journals. My professional experiences are on Root and Tuber, Improvement and Marketing Project (RTIMP) in Ghana and Socioeconomics of farmers in Six Riparian Countries of Volta Basin at International Food Policy Research Institute, Ghana. I teach Macroeconomic Principles and Applications and Managerial and Business Economics and analysing how crop productivity has affected poverty reduction in Ghana.