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Emmanuel Appiah

Staff ID: PS 751

Staff Category:


Senior Administrative Assistant (Graphic Design)

Central Administration:

University Relations Office

Senior Administrative Assistant (Graphic Design) | Multimedia Specialist | Branding Enthusiast

I am Emmanuel Appiah, a highly motivated and creative Senior Administrative Assistant specializing in Graphic Design at the prestigious University of Energy and Natural Resources. My passion lies in creating captivating visual content (both still and motion) and effectively performing administrative responsibilities. With a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Design and a Masters in Marketing from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, I bring a strong educational foundation to my work.

At the University of Energy and Natural Resources, I play a pivotal role in developing the institution’s creative visual identity. My expertise lies in combining administrative efficiency with top-notch design skills to meet diverse brand needs. Over the years, I have gained valuable experience in both academic and corporate settings, contributing significantly to various projects and initiatives.

Some Key Projects and Achievements include the Electronic Waste Management Project in Ghana: I contributed my design expertise to an essential sustainability project, raising awareness about electronic waste management in Ghana and promoting responsible disposal practices.
Sustainable Technologies for Entrepreneurial Projects: Collaborated with a talented team to design multimedia campaigns promoting sustainable technologies, empowering entrepreneurs to make environmentally conscious choices. 5th STEM Festival: Coordinated the visual elements for the 5th STEM Festival, enhancing the event’s appeal and making a lasting impression on attendees. 5th UNOOSA Conference: Contributed to the success of the 5th UNOOSA Conference by creating captivating visuals and engaging multimedia content. Annual 2-Day Transformational Dialogue: Took charge of the creative aspects of this critical event, ensuring seamless execution and leaving a lasting impact on participants, and many more.

My work is a reflection of my dedication and passion for the field. I possess an extraordinary blend of creativity and technical proficiency, which allow me to develop innovative solutions for any project. I thrive in collaborative environments, valuing teamwork and fostering a positive atmosphere to achieve outstanding results. My strong work ethic and meticulous attention to detail are evident in the high-quality media materials I produce.

As a Graphic Designer and media professional, my vision is to continually push the boundaries of creativity and develop impactful visual experiences. I aspire to contribute to larger branding initiatives and play an instrumental role in shaping the identity of institutions and businesses. Furthermore, I am deeply passionate about environmental sustainability and volunteer with the Grounds, Garden, and Beautification Section to enhance the beauty of the university environment. Through these efforts, I aim to contribute positively to my community and inspire others to take active roles in caring for our planet.