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Emmanuel Poatob

Staff ID: PS 741

Staff Category:


Senior Administrative Assistant

Central Administration:

Estate Organisation

Emmanuel Poatob is a confident, proactive and highly organized Senior Administrative Assistant (SAA) at the University of Energy and Natural Resources (Works and Physical Development Directorate), Sunyani.
Poatob holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Education, Winneba (UEW).
Poatob had practical industrial attachment and students’ internship (off campus practice) at UEW, School of Graduate Studies.
He also had the chance of serving same University as a National Service Person at the same office where he acquired most of his administrative skills.
Poatob has an excellent communication skill that enables him interact freely with superiors, colleagues, students and clients of the University, thus, he is an open-minded person who is willing and ready to listen to anybody who needs his assistance.
Poatob is self-organized, self-motivated, self-oriented, enthusiastic, approachable, sociable, reliable, dependable, willing to learn and to adopt new ways of doing things.
He is good at time management, also a good team player and can work with little or no supervision.
Poatob holds unto and practices the golden rule that says “do unto others what you want others to do unto you.