Ing. Dr. Amankwah Emmanuel

Ing. Dr. Amankwah Emmanuel

Staff ID: PSM 481

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School Of Engineering


Head of Department


Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering


Compliance Audits Unit

“Ing. Dr. Emmanuel Amankwah is a Senior Lecturer with over fifteen (15) years of teaching and research experience. He teaches Undergraduates, Masters and PhDs using the CBT approach. He has served as facilitator and consultant on several programmes /projects both locally and abroad, and also as an External Examiner to one of the Technical Universities. Ing. Dr. Amankwah has worked with other colleagues in executing funded projects both nationally and internationally. Among the projects are TALIF, NUFFIC, CIDA, IMEAP projects, etc. He has also served on several Committees and Boards including the Governing Council of the Wa Technical University. He is a Counselor and offers various guidance and counseling services to students voluntarily. He is very industrious, amiable, team player, flexible and always wants things accomplished. . Ing. Dr. Amankwah is passionate about the sustainability of the environment. His research interest is in the areas of soil and water engineering, environmental and resources management, waste management, agriculture and climate change. He has several publications to his credit.”