Mr. Daniel Adusu

Mr. Daniel Adusu

Staff ID: PSM689

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School Of Natural Resources


Assistant Lecturer


Environmental Management


Compliance Audits Unit

Mr. Daniel Adusu holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Natural Resources Management and Environmental Planning and Development from the University of Energy and Natural Resources, Ghana. He is currently engaged as an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Environmental Management at UENR. Before his current position, Mr. Adusu worked as a Teaching and Research Assistant and Senior Technician in the Department of Environmental Management and a Plantation Supervisor for the forestry commission of Ghana. He has also had internship programs with the Land Reclamation and Environmental Conservation Society (LaRECS) and the Climate Impacts Research and Leadership Enhancement (CIRCLE) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA-Sunyani). His research interests include ecosystem restoration in mined areas, reclamation, and remediation of degraded and contaminated soils, ecological assessment in forest ecosystems, forest carbon stocks estimation, soil macrofauna, and nutrient cycling assessment, environmental quality monitoring, and research grant proposal writing. He has provided substantial consultancy services to different development agencies including GHACEM, Good Governance Africa (an international organization that conducts research to influence government policies of different developmental issues). Daniel was the winner of the Quarry Life Awards (a national/international competition that mobilized local communities to promote biodiversity in quarries in Ghana).