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The UENR Logo

The UENR Logo

This logo is made up of a simple shield, a globe with the African Energy Symbol embedded in the background imposed on a flowing river.

The sides of the river represent the earth which is brown in color. This represents the petroleum products and other minerals stored in the earth’s crust and animals. The river is blue color which represents water as the most abundant resource on the planet. The yellow, green and brown colours signify recycling and conservation of our natural resources which is the University’s core mandate. The motto of the University is (Knowledge integrity impact). Each word stands on its own without full stops and commas.

The meaning of the colours are as follows;

Green is for growth and productivity. The yellow stands for wealth, wisdom and highly networked faculty. The blue stands for loyalty and confidence. Brown is for humility, simplicity, dependability, steadfastness, friendliness and good health. The University of Energy and Natural Resources stands for these great attributes of the colours in the Logo.