UENR Attains a Milestone Regarding International Accreditation


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The University of Energy and Natural Resources

The University of Energy and Natural Resources has reached a significant milestone with an engagement with ASIIN Institutional Accreditation Agency from Germany for international institutional accreditation. This partnership, a collaborative effort between the Regional Centre for Energy and Environmental Sustainability (RCEES) and the Quality Assurance and Academic Planning Directorate (QAAPD), marks a pivotal moment in the university’s pursuit of global academic excellence.

Delegation from ASIIN Institutional Accreditation Agency Germany

Delegation from ASIIN Institutional Accreditation Agency, Germany

The initiative is a testament to UENR’s commitment to providing a world-class education, aligning with the institution’s core mission. The comprehensive assessment process witnessed the active participation of University Management, Heads of Administrative and Academic Offices, and students, playing integral roles in showcasing the University’s unwavering dedication to quality academic and environmental sustainability.

Cross section of the Accrediation Team

Cross-section of the Accrediation Team

Throughout the assessment, departmental heads underwent rigorous scrutiny, sharing profound insights into their respective academic programmes and innovative strategies being employed to uphold and enhance academic excellence. Their valuable contributions underscored the University’s continuous commitment in refining its curriculum and educational offerings. Administrative officers also featured prominently, highlighting their relentless pursuit of efficiency and unwavering support for students and academic programmes. They showcased their dedication to creating an environment conducive for research, teaching and learning. Students also participated actively in the evaluation process, sharing their unique perspectives, experiences and expectations on academic programmes they are enrolled in.

UENR Team led by the Ag. Pro Vice Chancellor Prof. John K. M. Kuwornu

UENR Team led by the Ag. Pro Vice-Chancellor, Prof. John K. M. Kuwornu

The International Accreditation Agency’s visit to UENR encompassed a comprehensive evaluation of both the institution and the diverse academic programmes it offers. This assessment serves as a recognition of UENR’s tireless efforts in maintaining exceptional academic standards in providing top-tier education in the fields of energy and natural resources.

This momentous achievement underscores UENR’s relentless commitment to excellence, sustainability, and continuous enhancement of its academic offerings. This is a testament to the University’s dedication to nurturing professionals in the field of energy and environmental sustainability.