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Chem. Fest 4

After being the first in Ghana to be admitted as a recognized member of the American Chemistry Society (ACS), the University of Energy and Natural Resources International Chapter has again gone down to the book of records to become the first University in Ghana to host this year’s Chemistry Festival Training Institute. The three-day event was held from Monday, June 27 to Thursday, June 30, 2022 was jointly organized by Ghana and Nigeria on the theme “Chemistry Recreates Life” focusing on reaching out to young people to generate their interest in pursuing chemistry in their academic and social life. 

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Elvis Asare-Bediako, expressed that UENR is proud to host the event on behalf of the ACS. He said Chemistry is very key to human life and nature. He called for the institution of the Chemistry Festival as a yearly event in the University which can be aligned with the STEM Festival celebration in UENR. 

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, the Ag. Pro Vice-Chancellor of UENR, and the Dean of School of Sciences, Prof. Adebayo Felix Adekoya acknowledged that chemistry is very useful to nature and daily life. He underscored that it is prudent to train value-based graduates who are ethically driven in their quest for the development of society. 

In his speech, the Founder and Faculty Advisor for the ACS UENR International Student Chapter, Dr. Ismaila Emahi enumerated that ACS gives students the platform to connect with other international chemistry professionals who encourages them to discern the benefits of studying chemistry.

Students of the Chemistry Department exhibited concepts in Chemistry such as COVID-19 Awareness demonstration, redox reaction, sodium polyacrylate snow, experiments on traveling water, diffusion, absorption, solubility and many more.

The Bono Regional Minister, Hon. Justina Owusu-Banahene, graced the festival with participants from the United States, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Puerto Rico, Botswana and Cameroon. Also present were  staff and students of UENR, and some Senior and Junior High Schools in Sunyani.