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“UENR is Shaping My Life”: First-Year Student Shares Transformative Experience

Meet ambitious and enthusiastic Ezenator Nsiah Asare, a level 100 BSc. Petroleum Engineering student, who recently embarked on her academic journey at the University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR). With a sense of excitement and gratitude, Ms. Ezenator reflects on the positive influence that the University has had on her personal, academic and career development path in her life as a student.

“UENR has truly changed my life, the moment I stepped foot on this campus last semester, I initially had mixed feelings about University life. We were told at Senior High School that university education was not challenging but in reality, one have to really sit-up and learn to complement the mode of teaching delivery. I will describe UENR as one of the best universities with the commitment in achieving academic excellence, which keep motivating me in shaping and with my personal and professional career path”, she noted.

Ezenator does not share these sentiments alone, Godfred Ofori Konadu, a level 100 BSc. Biological Science student also shared his first-year experience in UENR.  He said “Beyond the lecture room, UENR offers a vibrant campus life that fosters personal development and community engagement. With a wide range of clubs, societies, and extracurricular activities, opportunities are offered to students to explore, nurture and, develop the capabilities and skills, to forge lifelong friendships.”

“UENR is Shaping My Life”: First-Year Student Shares Transformative Experience, University of Energy and Natural Resources - Sunyani

Godfred emphasized that, “the good tutelage of the Faculty has been wonderful. The commitment of the teaching staff to their core mandate of research, teaching and mentoring is truly inspiring. Even though the University is faced with some teething challenges, UENR as an Institution is an incredible place to be and personally commend the leadership of the Student Representative Council (SRC) for the good job they are doing”, he added.

Going forward, the two students promised putting in much effort to build their academic life by engaging in quality group studies, and being punctual at lectures.  They envision graduating with a first-class honorary degree at the end of their four-year study.

UENR begins another semester, in championing its mandate in achieving its academic excellence.

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