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UENR Lecturer, Mrs. Abena Owusu Adjapong and Team Receive £1,000 ACU Grant to Combat Campus Sexual Harassment


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UENR Lecturer, Mrs. Abena Owusu Adjapong and Team Receive £1,000 ACU Grant to Combat Campus Sexual Harassment, University of Energy and Natural Resources - Sunyani

A Lecturer at the Department of Ecotourism, Recreation and Hospitality, Mrs. Abena Owusu Adjapong has led a staff team to secure a £1,000 grant from the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) Gender Grants.

The initiative targets the alarming frequency of sexual harassment reports, particularly from students after industrial attachment experiences. Recognizing the need for updated policies, the project aims to revise UENR’s existing sexual harassment policy, last reviewed in 2016, to align with current best practices and legal standards.

The project aims to highlight education and awareness as essential foundations. The programme seeks to raise students’ awareness of sexual harassment, effects, and its crucial prevention. It also attempts to empower victims by offering them safe locations to talk about their experiences and get help, as well as support and counseling. The project also develops tactics and procedures, such as bystander intervention training, to successfully combat sexual harassment, with a focus on prevention. 

In pursuit of these objectives, the project team, consisting of Mrs. Abena Owusu Adjapong, Dr. Ing. Mary Antwi, Dr. Sitsofe Kang-Milung, and Mrs. Eva Atika Bakuri, will work closely together. They will jointly create and distribute training materials through workshops, seminars, and online channels. Additionally, victim support resources such as informational brochures and helpline contacts will be accessible through counseling centers and online platforms.

Furthermore, the programme, extending from January 2024 to December 2024, aims to establish collaborative efforts with UENR’s Counseling Unit, strengthening victim support services and promoting a culture centered on intervention and prevention. Online platforms that are easily accessible will deliver information, guidance, and training related to preventing sexual harassment, extending its impact across the university community.

Once implemented, the programme is anticipated to yield substantial effects, including heightened awareness, refinement of policies and procedures, bolstered victim support services, encouragement of bystander intervention, and facilitation of enduring cultural shifts within UENR.

The University Community through the management expresses gratitude to ACU Gender Grants for their support in tackling this critical issue, setting a benchmark for universities addressing sexual harassment worldwide.