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The most recent conglomerate of universities in the World happened in Serbia, Belgrade where the World Universities Debate Championship took place and saw a student of the University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR), Miss Zoe Lois Poku emerging as the World Public Speaker.

On Wednesday, 27th July 2022, Zoe delivered her final speech themed on the phrase “If the world was ending”. Later that day she was named World Best Public Speaker among students from the World’s best Universities. Miss Zoe Lois Poku, a level 400 BSc. Mechanical Engineering student made her first appearance on the World’s stage in July 2021 emerging as the Second Best Public Speaker in the World. In December of the same year, she was crowned Africa’s Public Speaking Champion at the Pan African Universities Debate Championship. In less than a year, she holds two titles; one in her continent and the other in the World. Since 2019, Zoe and the UENR Forensic Society have made the University of Energy and Natural Resources proud through their appearance in such competitions.

Representing the University of Energy and Natural Resources was the UENR Forensic Society membered by Zoe Lois Poku, Philip Obidier, Nana Griffith Twum, Joel Acquah, Jeffery Agyapong, Pearl Kwadade, Edmond Amponsah and Nasara A. Sadi.

The World Universities Debating Championship is the world’s largest debating and public tournament and one of the largest annual international student events in the world. Each year, an institution selected by the World Universities Debating Council hosts the event. This year’s just-ended World’s Championship had an impressive number of Universities from around the world making the competition fierce.