About Us

The I.T. Directorate of UENR was created in 2011 with a staff strength of three (3) and two (2) National Service Personnel.

The Directorate has 3 Divisions; Software Development and Services, Systems and Network Infrastructure, and Research and E-learning.  It currently has a total staff strength of eighteen (18) comprising one (1) female and seventeen (17) males with a Director in the person of Mr. Robert Cudjoe.

The Directorate is responsible for all I.T. related activities in the University, including the provision of security of all data that traverse on the University’s network and has been responsible for the development and deployment of most of the University’s business applications.

The Directorate has commenced its participation in consultancy services as a way of becoming a revenue generation centre for the University and it’s poised to providing first-class services to the University and beyond.