Works And Physical Development

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The Works and Physical Development Directorate is responsible for the overall development and maintenance of the physical environment of the University and the provision of essential services effectively and efficiently. The Directorate assists all sections of the University in developing their briefs, supervision of all infrastructural works and facilities. It also exercises oversight responsibility for the activities and operations of the Estate Organization which is primarily responsible for the management of the University’s landed properties and facilities. The Estate Organization’s key operations include space allocation, facilities management, environmental and sanitation management. The Directorate is made up of the following departments: Works and Physical Development; Maintenance and Estate Organization.

Core Activities

The Directorate is responsible for the following:

  1. Development and maintenance of the physical and infrastructural works and/or facilities of the University.
  2. Operations of the Estate Organisation, the Maintenance Unit, the Fire Service Unit, as well as all the Municipal Services of the University.
  3. Supervision of works and contracts to ensure that construction and renovations align with prevailing industry standards and specifications, taking due cognizance of the special needs and requirements of the University in addition to the Entity Tender Committee.
  4. Subject to the approval of the Development Committee and on the advice of the University Legal Services Unit, handle or deal with all preliminary matters on contracts involving the physical or infrastructural development of the University and/or the use of any part (s) of the University lands.
  5. Manage all construction contracts to ensure compliance and timely delivery of projects.
  6. Management and control of land use, and the maintenance of records on all land transactions entered into by, and on behalf of the University.
  7. Manage and maintain the buildings, roads, drains, parks and gardens of the University and their designs and drawings.
  8. Facilitate the acquisition and allocation of housing for key employees of the University.
  9. construction and maintenance of residential facilities for students.
  10. Manage and control land use and see to the proper maintenance of records on all land transactions entered into by and on behalf of the University.
  11. valuation of services to the University.
  12. Perform any other functions assigned by the Vice-Chancellor.
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