Edna Frimpong

Staff ID: PS 734

Staff Category:


Senior Administrative Assistant

Central Administration:


Edna joined the University of Energy and Natural Resources in the year 2020 as an Intern. By dint of hard work and commitment, she gained herself a permanent appointment with same University in February 2021.
She was assigned to the Registrar’s Offices and subsequently posted to the I.T. Directorate as an Administrative Assistant. At the I.T. Directorate, her roles include but not limited to providing administrative and general office support, as well as consultancy services.
With a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Ghana at the time of her appointment, she later pursued further studies in Master of Education in Educational Administration and Management from the University of Education, Winneba.
Edna Frimpong is efficient at her job and is able to produce long-lasting and productive results for her clients who are predominantly students. She is open to challenges, conversations and exchange of ideas from top players both within and outside the confines of the University.
Ms. Frimpong has extensive exposure in administrative work stemming from her previous work experiences with Hopeline Institute and Rev. Monninger Presby School Complex in Accra and Akosombo respectively.
With her ability to identify and understand complex issues, take action and drive results, she desires to become a top-notch employee in a world-class institution which is noted for excellence.