About Us

The University Relations Office (URO) is responsible for the internal and external communication functions of the University. As the official communication hub of the University, our goal is to support the University attain a world-class academic tertiary institution in Ghana and beyond, using professional communication strategies to reach out to the stakeholders and the public of the University. The Office currently has three (3)units namely: Protocol, Events and Media Relations; Publications & Documentation and; Web Design and Social Media Management.

Core Activities

The core activities of the University Relations Office are as follows:

1. Provide strategic planning concerning the University public relations

2. Coordinate all events, ceremonies, programmes, and other public relations activities of the University

3. Provide policy options on public relations matters for the consideration of the appropriate committee.

4. Coordinate with the University Management on day-to-day interactions with the University’s publics

5. Provide protocol services and other courtesies

6. Regulate notices, posters, and banners on campus

7. Produce University publications, and oversee the operations of the University Radio Station among other duties that may be assigned by the Registrar  

8. Serve as Editor-in-Chief for publications of the University.