Quality Assurance And Academic Planning Directorate

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Higher Educational Institutions strive to offer quality programmes to contribute meaningfully to national development. Quality Assurance in higher education is of central importance in this regard. Quality graduates are a requisite for propelling the development agenda of every nation. Institutions of higher education must develop and implement internationally and nationally accepted standards to assure quality that meets the needs and aspirations of today’s dynamic and competitive world.

The University of Energy and Natural Resources is mandated to train graduates with the requisite skills to contribute to the alleviation of energy and natural resource challenges confronting the country. In achieving this, and of becoming “a world-class institution for generating, advancing and applying knowledge in energy and natural resource sciences”, the University Management has identified Quality Assurance as critical. The University has a framework for assuring and maintaining quality in all areas of its operation. The Quality Assurance and Academic Planning Directorate was set up by Statute 51 of the University Statutes to systematically and continuously design measures and mechanisms to improve the quality of teaching, research, and service delivery in all areas of the University’s operation.

Core Activities
  1. Review and evaluate teaching and learning processes and outcomes, including related supporting services and rewarding teaching excellence.
  2. Ensure systematic monitoring and reviewing of the academic management of courses, teaching, and performance.
  3. Monitor staff performance in teaching and learning.
  4. Monitor and evaluate student outcomes taking into account student feedback to facilitate enhanced teaching and learning performance.
  5. Provide advice on the requisite infrastructure to support a high-quality learning environment.
  6. Provide any other services to enrich and support students’ learning.
  7. Coordinate with the University Relations Office to publish Basic Statistics and Quality Assurance related materials.
  8. Carry out Educational/Institutional Research;
  9. Coordinate accreditation and reaccreditation of academic programmes and assist in Institutional Audit.
  10. Carry out tracer studies on past students in collaboration with heads of academic departments and units.

Perform any other duty that may be assigned by the Vice-Chancellor.

Ms. Lydia Oteng FeningAssistant Registrar
Mr. Bright Karim Abdallah G.Asst. Research Fellow (Statistician)
Mr. Benjamin B. Abugri SeniorAdministrative Assistant
Ms. Rita Adjei SeniorAdministrative Assistant
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