Quality Assurance And Academic Planning Directorate

About Us

One major goal of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) across the world has been to offer quality programmes to contribute meaningfully to national and global development. It is imperative that providers of higher education develop and implement internationally and nationally acceptable quality standards that meet the needs and aspirations of today’s dynamic and competitive world. Hence, quality assurance in higher education is crucial in propelling the development agenda of every nation.

The University of Energy and Natural Resources is mandated to train graduates with the requisite skills to solve the numerous energy and natural resources challenges confronting Ghana and other parts of the world. In achieving this, Quality Assurance is crucial. Therefore, the University has a well-constituted framework for assuring and maintaining quality standards in its operations. Central to this framework is the Quality Assurance and Academic Planning Directorate (QAAPD), set up by Statute 51 of the University Statutes. The Directorate is charged with a core mandate to systematically and continuously design mechanisms to improve the quality of teaching, learning, research, and service delivery in the University.

Core Activities

The Quality Assurance and Academic Planning Directorate is charged with the following duties:

  1. Advise the Academic Board on the determination and maintenance of acceptable levels of academic standards with respect to teaching, learning and research;
  2. Conduct student evaluation of courses, every semester;
  3. Conduct evaluation of all staff every semester;
  4. Conduct departmental reviews at least every five (5) years, to be preceded by self-assessment exercises and quality audits;
  5. Facilitate and oversee the preparation of quality audits, self-studies, quality assurance reviews, surveys, staff training, and development initiatives in collaboration with the Human Resources Division;
  6. Disseminate, on a regular basis, matters related to quality enhancement to the University community, Ghana and beyond;
  7. Organize annual exit surveys of graduating classes and periodically undertake tracer, students’ satisfaction survey, and employer surveys;
  8. Coordinate the periodic review of curriculum of all academic programmes in the University;
  9. Perform any other functions relating to quality assurance as may be assigned to it by the Council and/or the Academic Board.
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